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Fred's Focus

Fred Agency is a bespoke brand agency collaborating with clients at any stage of their business journey.


Spanning across multiple departments, with commitments to over 30 high-profile clients

We want your brand to be something remembered:

We help develop and deliver a holistic approach to create a brand strategy. This encompasses brand identity and workshops, naming, logo design and brand guideline development.
We combine our creative output and strategic insight to illuminate your brands visions, ambitions, story and consumers. We take pride in creating innovative solutions to optimise your brands results.

Your brand is more than just a business but an identity of your potential and growth:

We believe in the philosophy that great design is founded on guiding principles, including a sense of ownership, understanding and professionalism. We have seen from experience that ensuring you have ‘your’ guidelines, creates a point of reference for every subsequent job.

A strategic use of digital marketing that allows your brand to be modern, successful and efficient online:

Today every brand needs a strong and focused marketing and media plan. We specialise in creating clear strategies to help develop and deliver your brands aspirations while building alongside your budgets and goals.

Creating a new and engaging experience to connect brand and culture online:

We create elegant and bespoke website designs that integrate brand and marketing solutions. Other website solutions we offer include social networking, copywrite, videography and content guidance.

A holistic understanding of your brands values and growth in an online environment to create exposure and growth for your brand:

An online identity across multiple platforms will only fulfill your brands success. Strategic and holistic social media marketing steps move you away from a more sales focused environment and instead allows your brand to be relatable and focused.

We identify innovative messages that will allow people to connect with you and your brand:

Specialising in content for your website and marketing collateral. We also undertake quality assurance (QA), website checking and security audits for small businesses. With both local and international experience across an array of industry sectors- we produce a compelling story and strategic copy for your brand.


Innovative Storytelling

We believe a brand is the story behind every product or service. It’s the alchemy of visuals and actions that form the overall impression of a business in the minds of its people, industry and consumers. Through innovative concepts and rising challenges our inspired team of devoted brand experts and designers, push the boundaries of what branding can be with the goal of delivering purpose and worth to each brand.


Elevate Your Brand

Whether you want to develop a brand strategy from scratch, need some guidance with your existing business in repositioning or refreshing your brand and marketing, let’s chat about how we can create something special to elevate your business and your brand.


The Client Journey

We develop and deliver organic and effective brand solutions that are both sustainable and effective. Our solutions will see your brand identity focused, freeing up your time to focus on not only your business but the things you love.

Get in touch and book a free consultation with our team to talk about big goals and actions!


Desire is our art. By identifying your unique position and carving your path to success with the least amount of resistance, we represent a strategic, thought-leading partner, informed by industry research, success stories, deep rooted experience and consumer insights.


Brand Development
Brand Story
Brand DNA
Brand Positioning
Your Message
Content Planning
Digital Strategy
Social Media
Paid Marketing
Paid Socials

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Brand Name
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Brand Guidelines
Graphic Design
Art Direction

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3D Motion Graphics
3D Product Mockups
Advertising Campaigns
Social Media Content
Photo & Video PRoduction

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Digital Marketing

Website Design & Development
Shopify / WordPress / CRM
Website Content Refresh
Creative Email Marketing
User Acquisition Models

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